Tuesday, 10 March 2009

D-5: missed the bridge :)

Well, here was my last "longish" run before the big day. Tomorrow should be relaxed, as I am entering my rest-before-you-give-it-your-all phase. I'm still feeling great and my coccyx doesn't appear to be causing much trouble. I've just run about 4.1 miles in 30-35 minutes, easing myself into it at first and then gradually accelerating, although I did slow down towards the end, as I could feel uncomfortable tensions building up in my shoulders.

I was massively overdressed for the weather, which is cloudy, wet and rather mild. I also missed my intended bridge: initially as I run on the North bank westward, I wanted to turn back at London Bridge, but I guess the fact that days start earlier and the bridge's red light gets switched off when the sun is up distracted me, and I missed the exit... So I carried on to Blackfriars instead (and almost missed that, too - I was rather dozy).

All in all, an uneventful run, and I was struck by the number of other runners around, too. The London Marathon must be the reason why there are so many people willing to get out of bed on a murky day like this one...

If I manage to maintain a pace similar to today's, then I could still make the Bath Half in less than 2 hours, and although this isn't the objective I am giving myself in light of recent injuries, I would still love to beat the 2 hours for sure!

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