Monday, 8 December 2008

Day 64: Santa beat running

Oh well, you can make an exception to a training programme sometimes, right? Yesterday, as I lay on the bed with a firm intention to read a few pages of Terry Pratchett's Making Money and to relax for an hour or so before the hard 90-min run that was on schedule, I slowly drifted off... and woke up an hour later, tucked deep under the duvet after a full-on nap. By then, the sun was already setting, it would have been a long run in the dark, coach Stephen was as lazy as I was, and we had a tree to decorate, stollen slices to taste and Sauternes to drink. So we decided we would not fail our duty to the Christmas spirit, and this time, just this once, we skipped a run. That was a brilliant idea! :)

Today, back to the programme with our usual Monday jog (30 min), and a very, very lazy feeling all round. Another week starts...

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