Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Day 45: dreading tomorrow a bit!

Good interval training session yesterday for about half an hour, and this morning we jogged for one hour, to St Paul's Cathedral, across the Millenium Bridge, and along the South Bank back to Tower Bridge -- which, incidentally, was just being open to let a boat come through, which is quite a grand thing to see when the sun is rising.

I am dreading tomorrow though, as it will most definitely be the hardest day of the week. For a start, we have to wake up much earlier than usual. The plan is for a 75 min Fartlek session -- even longer than the one we had on Sunday... At least I hope that the weather will be more enjoyable (and the view). And to top it all up, I have a yoga session in the evening too, which I don't really want to miss as I've already skipped 2 or 3 in the series. With this, the usual work in the office, preparations for the COP exam, and my now-intensified search for the next job, it all adds up to a fairly hectic day ahead...

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