Thursday, 22 January 2009

Day 109: feels good to have a real run.

The training programme was starting to bore me a bit. We are at a phase of it where it's all speed work, and quite frankly, at this time of year and in this weather, getting up in the morning for a 5 min run (even if at full speed) feels a bit iffy.

Coach Stephen and I agreed: no more than one interval training session a week from now on. And with this mind, I finally got myself to get out of the house this afternoon to jog-run for one hour. I say jog-run, because I find that with practice, the distinction between the two becomes blurry, and I have sometimes a hard time knowing if I'm fast-jogging or slow-running, or even fast-jogging and running full stop. Anyway, a frank run feels gooooood :)

I think competition may be a strong motivator for me to go faster as well, judging by how I made a point of running faster than the other woman who trained for a few minutes on the other side of the road...

It also helped today that a few people sent me some encouragement on Facebook, and that Cyril even built a banner for the same purpose! Check it out on his site:

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