Monday, 6 October 2008

That's it, I'm doing it!!!

Dear all,

I have decided to run the Nationwide Bath Half Marathon (a.k.a. the Bath Half) in March 2009. I am so excited (and a little anxious). The last time I seriously run (or perhaps it was just jogging?) was at university, something like 9 years ago, when I used to run around the Lac de la Ramée with uni friends.

I am running on behalf of Shelter, a national campaigning charity working to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people. Of course I will need support in the form of donations and a lot of encouragements, pep talks and moral support!!! :) You can all make donations to my Just Giving secure website, at

And here are the first couple of news on this new adventure.

On Saturday I got myself a brand new pair of trainers (first time I pick from the "regular runners" shelf instead of the "lousy occasional joggers" one, I have to say), some wicking tops and a rather splendid Rocky-like wool hat.

And this morning, I hit the tarmac at 6 am sharp, in the company of coach Stephen. What a blast! London is quite simply beautiful in the small hours of the day, when everybody's asleep and the sun is slowly rising over the Thames. We did a 10 min warm-up jog, followed by a 10 min run and another 10 min jog. I'm following the Shelter intermediate training programme (24 weeks to go!).

Wish me luck y'all!!!

Soon to come, the pictures of me in my power gear...

K x

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